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'Believe to Achieve'

Week 2

Awe and Wonder Week


This half term for Awe and Wonder week the children have been learning all about people who help us. Each day we have planned activities based on a different person who helps us. 



Today we learnt all about vets and how they help us by looking after our pets. We created some amazing pictures of x-rays and did some PHSE work about how to look after your pets. We also created a tally chart of the pets we have at home.



FIRE AND POLICE, today was all about the fire and police service. The children have been using police hats and badges to take part in some role play. We have looked at some fingerprints and evaluated them and their details.



Today we have focused on health care professionals. We had some of our parents come and learn with us about hospital workers and we modelled some bones from mod-rock. We have had an afternoon of work outs and yoga to keep our body fit and healthy. We have looked at how to keep healthy and what our bodies need and had a healthcare quiz based on old hospital equipment and what it is used for.



This day was all about builders and how builders can help us. The children have had their DT heads on today and thought about a world of Design and how buildings are built. We have designed our own buildings and built towers with masking tape and newspaper. We also had Chris Easton in to tell us a story about the Wise and Foolish builders and we created some art with him.



The best day yet, all of our work today was based on teachers and what teachers to (because we do much more than teach). The children have planned lessons, taught each other, led story time, awarded each other for their achievements and compared our school to a school in Africa.