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Today’s Learning. Click the link below to watch Miss Cantrill Sharing her weekend news and showing you how to write a sentence about your own weekend news.

Now complete this follow up activity-Discuss what you did at the weekend with a grown up. Write a sentence about your weekend news. Draw a picture to go with it.


Click the link below to see today’s phonics lesson taught by Miss Cantrill.

Now Complete this follow up activity- If you have a printer, print out the sh worksheet below. If not, can you think of and write a sentence with a sh word in. E.g. I have a shell.


Click the link below to see today’s Maths Lesson taught by Miss Cantrill.


Now complete this follow up activity- print off and complete the fruit pattern worksheet below or create a pattern using actual pieces of fruit and send a photo to your teacher.

Take a break : Play with your toys or out in the garden for a while

Additional Ideas

Take part in Joe Wick’s online PE lesson- some of your teachers will be joining in too!

Play sh phonics eye spy around your house, what items can you see that has this sound in? Take a photo and send it to your teacher.

As a part of world religion day, click the link to watch a children’s version of the bible story of Jesus healing the blind man. Afterwards, talk with a grown up or sibling about how the story encourages us to help people who are less lucky than we are.


Story time : Click the link to listen to Miss Carney reading The Enormous Turnip.