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This is your science starter - write a response to the questions below.



Watch this video and see how birds have adapted over time to be able to fly.

How do Birds Fly?

How do birds fly?

This is an example of the inside of a birds bone

Birds have a hollow bone construction that makes their skeleton light. Lots of individual bones are joined together to reduce the number of moveable joints- this makes it easier to be an efficient flying machine.

This is how different types of bird wings have adapted over time.

Elliptical = adapted for forest or shrub habitat where maneuvering is important. (Galliformes, many Passerines).

High Speed = adapted for feeding on wing or very long- distance migration; flattish profile. [Shorebirds, Falcons, Hummers, Swallows, & Swifts].

Long and narrow, adaptive for soaring (Pelagic birds.)

High Lift = adapted for carrying heavy loads. Deep curvature (Hawks & Eagles, Cranes).