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'Believe to Achieve'

Thursday 14.05.20



Today you will learn to tie shoelaces! 


You will need a shoe that has laces. If you don't have any yourself, see if you can borrow one of your grown up's shoes.


Watch the video below, and practice tying the laces.


When you feel confident and can tie the laces, write a set of instructions on how to do it. Pretend you are writing instructions for someone who has never even tried to tie laces before! You need to be very clear with your steps. 

Tie Your Shoelaces




Wellbeing also means eating healthy.

Have a look at some of the food pictures below. Can you draw a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner using these different foods? You could add some of your own too. 


It is important to eat healthy to look after our body, but eating healthy is also good for our mind too! 


Of course we all enjoy a biscuit (or three) now and then, which is absolutely fine as a treat, as long as we are also eating healthy foods and exercising too :)