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Wb 22.6.20

Thursday 25th June

And just like that the week is done!! And what a week it has been. 

Today we began by doing some handwriting before consolidating our understanding of the ‘ou’ sound in our phonics lesson. 

Following this we began to explore half further by halving the same amount in different ways. We then explored sharing odd numbers further and decided we definitely couldn’t share odd numbers because it wouldn’t make it equal. 

After this, we explored facts. We discussed what a fact was and if it was something true, then it had to be something that was real. We practiced saying facts in the classroom then used a range of images to support with writing unusual fact sentences. 

After lunch we had a whole afternoon of PSHE. We started off talking about washing our hands and ordered the routine for doing this correctly after we had practiced so much this week. We then talked about our dreams for after lockdown and the future. 

We finally completed our RSE activity for the day where we discussed love and what they meant to us.


We cannot believe a week is done! We are so excited for next week and cannot wait to see what we get up to! 

Olivia acting out the hand washing routine

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Preston telling us the hand washing routine for the day

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Wednesday 24th June

Such a scorching day today! So lots of time was spent outside in the shade enjoying the fresh air.


We started this morning with our phonics. We thought about words which had 'ay' in them and wrote a sentence for a photo. Then we recapped words with the 'ou' sound and used the resources from the phonics section of the home learning to support our reading and writing application.


After this, we looked at maths and began to learn about splitting amounts in half. We split groups of objects into two groups and worked out how many were in each group. We also challenged ourselves to explored odd and even numbers and decided that we couldn't split even numbers equally because there was always someone who got one more or one less which wasn't fair!


We then worked on English, where we thought about persuading the reader using persuasive language to explain why the wolf was innocent. Watch the videos below to hear some of our superstar persuasive sentences.


Finally, we thought about what we were allowed to do in lockdown and what we aren't. We discussed lots of different scenarios and talked about a range of different pictures which showed these, then stuck them on a grid to show if they were a yes or a no.


Another amazing day and we cannot believe tomorrow is Thursday already!



Jessica wrote some great sentences

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Kevin’s fantastic sentences

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Olivia reading her fantastic sentences

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Abhijeet reading his great sentences

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Amelia reading her fantastic sentences

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Tuesday 23rd June

Well, what another amazing day! As soon as we arrived this morning we explored maths and started to think about different ways to make 8 using various calculation method and mathematical operations.

We then explored the ‘ar’ phonics family and had a discussion about how people pronounce different words depending on where they come from. We thought of words which had the different sounds in them and explored these together. 

Following this, we thought about our work on fractions and began to explore a half further. We thought about which shapes could be split in half and why, the wrote about these. We also began to draw half in different ways on a regular rectangle. 

After break we did a book talk lesson all about our new text. We realised the book was written from the perspective of the wolf and we had to use the text to say if we believe him. 

We finished the day talking about worries, what they might look and feel like, who you can talk to and any other concerns we might have. We put them all in a worry doll and wrote about them. 

Finally we had a story outside in the KS1 quad read by Miss Robbins.


What another lovely day 😊


Monday 22nd June

So today we began our new adventure as the Doves! And what a fun day we had!

First of all we settled back in and learnt about the routines of the day. After break we started with some phonics where we recapped the ‘ai’ sound family and thought about how to apply the alternative spellings when writing words. 


After phonics we were introduced to our new maths for the week which was using fractions! We began to explore two parts making a whole and learnt this was called half! We also learnt a vertical line goes from top to bottom and a horizontal line goes from left to right. We decided to make it fair each half had to be equal. 

Following this, we then heard the new story we were learning about ‘The true story of the three little pigs’ and wrote a story map for the beginning of the story! We thought about our own symbols and acted them out together as a talk for writing. 

Finally we finished by thinking about our bubble and who is in our bubble in school. We talked about the people in our bubble and why it is so important to stay safe in our bubble. 

What a fantastic first day! Here is to doing it all again tomorrow.