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'Believe to Achieve'



Today, we are going to continue to explore the 'oa' sound family by looking at the 'long o'. Watch the video below and complete some activities to practice the sound. 


Today, as part of well being Wednesday we would like you to have a Teddy Bears' picnic!

This could be having lunch on a picnic rug in the lounge, venturing outside for lunch (weather permitting) or having your lunch somewhere different.

Make sure you have your favourite teddy's and toys around you and include them in the event. Make sure you use this time to talk with each other, chat together and just spend some time together. 

Your English Lesson Today!

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Teddy Bears Picnic ~ sung by Anne Murray

Below are some activities you may want to print and enjoy completing.

You can always just draw and design a teddy bear yourself by drawing it on paper or write about your experience.



Today we have very exciting opportunity!

At 10.30am we have a fantastic chance for you to watch a live session with the author Jonathon Emmett where he answers questions from children at Nottingham City schools. 

This will be an amazing opportunity, click the link below to watch the event. 

Introduction to our Reading lesson today

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Connecting Stories Live with Jonathan Emmett

Join us for a live author event with Jonathan Emmett, children's author and pop-up book designer.


Today we will continue to practice some more individual letters. Watch the video below and practice how best to form the individual letters. 


Writing Time


Follow the link below to start the lesson with counting and number sense.


For the main part of the lesson you will need your clock as we are going to be practising telling the time to nearest hour and half hour. You  are then going to be completing challenges involving time.

Today, as part of well-being Wednesday, we would like you to spend time away from the screen this afternoon. 

Click on the link below to take you to some different well being activities including cooking, baking, painting and going outdoors

Your afternoon should consist of exercise, something relaxing, reading a story and doing some fun activities. 


Introduction to Well being Wednesday

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Below is the wonderful Well Being page from

Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Chambers and well being links.

There are so many wonderful activities and videos to watch on here including a relaxation video.




For the last PE lesson of the half term, join in Fitter Future with Mr Land.  If that is too easy, then try some PE with Joe then do some relaxing Cosmic Yoga to finish.




Today we would like you to have time away from your screen and read your favourite story maybe with your teddy bear, favourite toy, pet, family member or sibling. you might want to make a den and read in their, read under the covers, find a comfy space or even read by torch light.