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'Believe to Achieve'

Awe and Wonder

Day One

Welcome to the Greatest Show!

Today we began to explore our new I wonder question

'I wonder what entertains me?'

Initially we had a discussion about what entertainment meant and what we found entertaining.

We talked and watched different clips from films, television, songs, music and theatre.

We decided we all found different things entertaining so we collected all our ideas together. 

Roll up, Roll up

This half term we are going to look specifically at entertainment through the circus.

We are going to read the story 'Paddington at the Circus' and use the circus to inspire our learning. 

We began to look at different characters from the circus including the ring master, clown and trapeze artist using 'The Greatest Showman' as our guide.

We explored the materials that the costumes were made from in science and learnt a range of scientific vocabulary including pliable, flexible and manoeuvrable.

We then designed our own costume for a circus character in design and technology using the different materials to represent the various parts of the costume. 

Day one of Awe and Wonder week!

We designed and decorated our own clown face cupcakes

Day Two

Today we found out our curriculum driver his half term is music.

Initially we discussed what we already knew about music, then listened to a range of different music genres including rock, pop and jazz, deciding which one we liked the most and why.

Some of the music we had already heard on the radio! 

We also discussed some of the instruments we could see including a double bass, trumpet and clarinet and how the music made us feel.


The tastes of the circus!


We also tasted some food which we might eat at the circus including popcorn and mushy peas!

Once we had tasted each item of food we collected a range of adjectives to describe the food including 'squashy, soft, tangy, tasty, yummy, slimy, disgusting and delicious.'

We then used those adjectives to write sentences to describe the smell and taste of the different food.

Day Three

Today we had a fantastic day!

We designed a clown face using our research on clowns out of chalk and tissue paper. We added lots of details including a bow tie, hat and colourful hair.



We also met Clive Sensible who taught us a wide range of circus skills including plate spinning, juggling and and ribbon twirling. We had an amazing day, what a wonderful experience. Our parents came in to help us learn these skills and we had such a great time.

We created our own clown face using chalk and tissue paper

Day Four


Today we started to explore adverts looking at different types of adverts and working out what they were for. We looked at the images, titles and colours used to make the reader want to buy or own the project. 

We also explored augmented reality using an app on the IPad. We had so much fun exploring different items hidden throughout the room and in different areas of the app. 

We also took part in our PE sessions for this year consolidating our understanding of gymnastics from the previous term. It was great to see all our knowledge being put in to practice. 


Day Five


Today, to consolidate our learning, we had a go at making our own advert for the circus.

We explored a range of modern and traditional adverts talking about the key information and layout.

We then aimed to recreate these in our work.

It was such fun to explore the different layouts and information, everyone was very impressed with our learning.