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This page will be updated with the answers to the reading checkpoint after 4pm on Tuesday 12th January 2021.

Question 1:

I found him in the garage on a Sunday afternoon”

Why do you think that David Almond started his story ‘Skellig’ with this sentence?


David Almond used this sentence because he wanted to create a sense of mystery within the opening of his story. I know this because he used the word 'him' and that makes me wonder who the person or creature is that Michael had discovered in his garage.


Question 2:

“The others were inside the house with Doctor Death.”

How does the use of the name Doctor Death make you feel as the reader?


The name Doctor Death is a very unusual name for a doctor. Usually doctors wouldn't have the name death associated with them. I think this suggests that something bad is happening inside of the house and this makes me want to read on further in the book.


Question 3:

“Nobody else was there. Just me.”

Why do you think it was more effective for Michael to discover Skellig by himself at the start of the story?


I think that the feeling of isolation when discovering something worrying makes it feel much more serious. There is a sense of excitement as well that Michael is going on this journey by himself.


Question 4:

I’d soon begin to see the truth about him, that there’d never been another creature like him in the world.”

How do you think that Skellig will be different to any other creature in the world?


Skellig is a creature that will be without comparison. I think he will be totally unique. He will be mythical and have very many magical powers. I believe there is a chance that he will change the world of Michael and his family.