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Assessment Criteria

Details of How Progress is Assessed through the New Curriculum

A few years ago, the Government gave primary schools the freedom to design their own assessment systems when they removed national curriculum levels. As a school we have embraced these freedoms and have designed our own assessment system.

The aims of this system are to:-
  • Measure the progress of children in reading, writing and maths from whatever their starting point
  • Inform teachers and children of their next steps in learning
  • Inform parents of the progress and attainment of their child/ children at our school
  • Identify individuals and groups of pupils who are not making expected progress and provide support for these children through interventions.

In Years 1 to 6, as a staff, we have identified key objectives that need to be met in order for a child to leave that year group at the expected standard. Against these objectives children will be measured as:
  • Emerging (just beginning to understand the objective)
  • Developing (half way there)
  • Secure (good understanding)
  • Mastery (strong understanding and applying in different areas of the curriculum)

At various times of the year, children will be given an overall judgement using this language. For example a child who has met almost all of the maths objectives in year 2 would be a 2 secure (s) in maths.

In order to help support this, we have developed assessment brick walls which are stuck in the backs of your children’s English, published writing, maths and Science books.

Children are encouraged to look at these brick walls to help inform them of their strengths and their next steps in learning.

Children who are working significantly below age related expectations will be following the curriculum objectives that are suitable for their needs, and will be assessed against these objectives. For example a child in Year 6 could be following the year 3 objectives in one or more of reading, writing and maths. Parents were informed at parents evening if this was applicable to their child/ children.

At the end of the year, this information will be reported to parents with children in years 1-6. If your child is in Year 2 or Year 6 extra information will be reported to you relating to your child’s attainment in their SATs and also teacher assessment judgements.

Please contact Mr Kevin Pegram for further information about this.

Assessment Brick Walls

These are the children's targets for Reading, Writing, Maths and Science. They are stuck in the back of their books and are ticked off as they meet each target.