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'Believe to Achieve'


The children researched information about ancient Egypt. They worked in pairs to create an information poster about pyramids, pharaohs or the River Nile. Then, they formed a group of 6 and had to teach the other people in their group what they found out.
The children were archaeologists and had to discover 'artefacts' hidden in sand pits. They also had to look at pictures and infer what these sources taught them about life in ancient Egypt. We had lots of fun and the children learnt about sarcophagus', pharaohs, the mummification process and much more!
We answered our awe and wonder question. We discussed that the reasons we know about information from 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt was because of archaeologists like Howard Carter, the pyramids and beliefs in the afterlife and the Rosetta Stone. The children created leaflets explaining this.