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Monday - Whole school assembly on Teams (lead by Mrs Thomas)

Tuesday - Learning Values assembly (in class/Key Stages if allowed) 

Wednesday - Picture News assembly (in class) 

Thursday - British Values (Preparing for life in Modern Britain) (in class/Key Stages if allowed)

Friday - Singing (in classes)

Above is our assembly overview, which contains questions and content linked to our Learning Values and Preparing for Life in Modern Britain. However, not only do we want to ensure we have covered all areas with our children through this pre-planned and extensive overview, we also want to ensure we are keeping up to date with current issues in the media and the world. We therefore use a resource called Picture News to support with developing PSHE planning and assemblies which develops, extends and questions children's curiosity and thinking about current situations or news. This ensures our children's learning is accurate and up to date, as well as supporting them with any queries or questions they may have . We use this tool to aid discussion, debate and to support our children with any concerns or queries they may have.

Assembly Overview 2019-2020