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Thursday 4.6.20

English - Instructions

Watch this video on how crayons are made, then write a set of instructions. Remember your title, 'You will need' section and numbered instructions.

Maths- Division. Remember you can draw circles and share out your number into equal groups.

Some of these sums have big numbers in, like 99 divided by 11.

It would be silly to draw 11 circles and share out 99 into them, so a quicker way is to think 'how many 11s are there in 99?' 


You can work this out by counting up in 11s until you get to 99. 





Can you spot the pattern? 


__x11=99    This missing number is your answer to 99 divided by 11. 

History- The Great Fire of London. Think back to when we learnt this topic, what can you remember? Read the information and answer the questions.

Create some fire art. It could be a painting, a drawing, a collage or anything else you can think of! Here are some examples: