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New Play leaders.

When school is back to normal and we are all in school again. I will be looking for new Play Leaders in years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Hopefully for September if we are all back.

To be a play leader you will need to be...

Enthusiastic, calm, a good organiser, have great ideas for play and games and be able to give up some of your playtime.



Start to think about what qualities you have to be a great Play Leader. Write to me to apply. Hopefully soon (not sure when) I will hold interviews when we are back at school.

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Speak soon

Mrs McCarthy

Here are our amazing Play Leaders. They have been chosen to lead different activities at lunchtimes to make this time more fun for children. There are different activities each day ranging from: swing ball, throwing and catching games, skipping, hula-hoops, reading, colouring, jigsaw puzzles, dancing and a bubble station. We look forward to seeing the Play Leaders develop their leadership roles over the rest of the year.

Layla Y4
Lilly-Renee Y4
Lauren Y4
Ewan Y4
Khalil Y5
Holly Y5
Scarlett Y5
Kaitlyn Y5
Danielle Y5
Riley Y5
Laura-Janet Y6
Leah-Mae Y6
Mason Y6
Roxy-Lee Y6