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Yesterday we began looking at adding the suffix -ful. The root words we used yesterday only needed the suffic adding to the root word. Today we are going to be looking at the rule we have used with other suffixes, swapping the y for an i.


Look at the examples below:

beauty- beauti-beautiful



Have a go at completing this quiz! How many answers can you get right?


KS1 Spelling | Suffix FUL Quiz for Students in Year 2 (


In the story 'Sir Scallywag and the Golden Underpants', Sir Scallywag is referred to as a hero. With someone in your house, can you think about what a hero is? What adjectives would you use to describe a hero? Brave? Courageous? Selfless? Can you think of anymore?


Rewatch Sir Scallywag and the Golden Underpants here-

Watch Mrs Bragg's lesson here-


Use the hero template to write words to describe a hero.

As a challenge, can you use a thesaurus (this can be an online thesaurus if you don't have one at home) to improve your adjectives?



Today you will need the 3D shapes we made yesterday. We are counting the edges and vertices on our shapes. 


Watch Miss Storer's lesson here:


There are 2 worksheets for you to have a go at today, as well as a challenge! 



Still image for this video



Today you are thinking of unusual uses of everyday materials. Watch Miss Storer's video below for some ideas and inspiration, then have a go at thinking of some unusual uses for objects around your house! We can't wait to see what you come up with.

Stephen Fry for Save with Stories reading A Fox Called Herbert by Margaret Sturton