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Miss Moss Phonics 

This week we are looking at the ay sound here are the words for you to learn


Play   say   may   day   today    the     do


Miss Barker and Miss Finnie's Phonics

This week we are looking at the 'i' sound spelt as a 'y'


Myth, gym, crypt, lyric, gypsy, symbol, system, mystery, system, accident, accidentally, actual


Click to see Miss Finnie's maths lesson


Maths Tasks


Today we are going to focus on writing a description of the space-angel-bat-dragon creature. Please watch the video below for support. We are going to look at writing 3 different types of sentences. The focus is on the quality of our sentences not on the amount we write!


The first type of sentence for you to write is a 2A sentence which means choosing 2 adjectives (describing words) to use before the noun (object, place or living thing). For example The colossal, black creature flew into the night sky. Colossal and black are the adjectives.


The second sentence is one that contains a simile. Similes contain ' a...' or ' a...'. They compare one thing to another. For example the creature was as petrifying as a haunted house.


The third sentence type is a BOYS sentence. These contain the word But Or Yet So. For example, The Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon is terribly scaly, but with vast indescribably terrible eyes which stared straight through you.


Try writing one or two of each type of sentence to make a paragraph.


Read about magnets here and have a go at the quiz


Wellbeing Task

Find a song that makes you feel good. Sing and do a crazy dance.

Story Time - Snow