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Curriculum Driver Overviews

Whole Year Curriculum Driver Overview


Below is an overview of which year group will be focusing on D&T throughout the year and the enquiry questions that they will be aiming to answer through their D&T project.


Autumn 1:

Year 1 – I wonder who lives at the zoo?


Autumn 2:

Year 5 - I wonder how North American culture influences fashion?


Spring 1:

Year 6 - I wonder what a superhero needs?


Spring 2:

Year 3 - I wonder how I could make an Iron Man come to life?

Year 4 - I wonder if I could make something fly?


Summer 1:

Year 2 - I wonder what a world with no colour would be like?


Summer 2:

Year 5 – I wonder how Greek cuisine is different to a British one?