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Curriculum Driver Overviews

Whole Year Curriculum Driver Overview


Below is an overview of which year group will be focusing on D&T throughout the year and the topics that they will be basing their D&T projects around:


Year 1:

Spring 1 - I wonder what skills I need to have to design and create an afternoon tea? (Cooking)

Spring 2- I wonder what can I make to help the penguin get home? (Materials)


Year 2:

Spring 2 - I wonder how I can use mechanisms to protect a castle? (Structures)

Summer 2 - I wonder where my food comes from and how I can prepare a range of healthy dishes? (Cooking)


Year 3:

Autumn 2 - I wonder how the arrival of the Romans changed Britain? (Mechanisms)

Spring 2 - I wonder how I can design a chocolate product that will appeal to a specific consumer? (Cooking)


Year 4:

Autumn 2 - I wonder how to use electricity to enhance games? (Electricity)

Summer 2 - I wonder how spices and herbs affect the taste of foods? (Cooking)


Year 5:

Spring 2 - I wonder how I can use texture and colour to create a native American bag? (Textiles)

Summer 2 - I wonder how I could design a Greek inspired meal for a specific consumer? (Cooking)


Year 6:

Spring 1 - I wonder how cuisine is unique in different countries around the world? (Cooking)