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'Believe to Achieve'


Today’s Learning. Click the link below to watch another story about fruit – Oliver’s Fruit salad 

Now complete this follow up activity- Look at the fruit salad recipe from your work pack. Ask a grown up to help you make your own fruit salad. You can use any fruits you have in your house, even tinned. Can you describe what the fruit tasted like? Which was your favourite fruit and why? Where there any fruits that you did not like the taste of? Which one and why? 


Click the link below to see today’s phonics lesson taught by Mrs Barron.


Now Complete this follow up activity:

Find the j v w x handwriting sheet from your work pack and have a go at writing those letters. Remember to start in the right place!



Click the link below to see today’s Maths Lesson taught by Mrs Barron.



Now complete this follow up activity:


Have a look around your house for things which are heavy and light. Record what you find on the heavy and light sheet in your pack. 

Take a break : Play with your toys or out in the garden for a while.

Additional Ideas 

Take part in Joe Wick’s online PE lesson- some of your teachers will be joining in too!

Click the link to practise handwriting on your device at home.

Draw a picture of some of the fruits from Olivers Fruit Salad, or from the one you made yourself!

Story time : Click this link to see Miss. Parr reading a story: