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Morning Everyone

Todays activity is to have a go at creating amazing pictures using bubble painting. Bubble painting is great fun and easy to do. All you need is a little ready mixed paint, washing up liquid or hand soap, water, straw and a piece of paper.

Mix the paint,soap and water in a beaker or pot, not all the way to the top though or it will make a big mess once we blow it. Once your mixure is ready, add you straw and very carefully blow down the straw , this will make your mixure form bubbles ( REMEMBER to blow not suck, you dont want a mouth full of soapy paint..yuk!) Now all you need to do is take the straw out and carefully place your paper on top, this will leave the colourful pattern you bubbles made.

Repeat the process until you have finished your amazing bubble pictures.


I wonder what would happen if you added 2 different colours to you water?

What happens to the bubbles if you use different sized pots?

Did you need to blow hard or softly?


How to make your bubble mixture: