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The Anglo Saxons




Why did the Anglo Saxons want to settle in Britain?

Can you sort the reasons into push/pull factors?

push factor (what pushes someone away from their home country)
pull factor (what persuades someone to move to a particular country)


1. Your home country is flooded
2. Britain has good farmland
3. There is not enough space in your home country for everyone

4. You can take your family to Britain

5. People from another country are trying to attack your home country

6. The Romans have left Britain so there is nobody there to protect it

7. There is nobody to protect you from danger in your home country

8. British kings will pay you to fight their enemies and give you free land

9. A lot of people are moving in your home country. No one has a safe home

10. You are a good warrior. You know you can take land in Britain

11. There are a lot of wars in your home country

12. You have been to Britain a lot of times and you know how to get there