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Good morning Penguins and Polar Bears! Today we are getting creative!

Remember to do your workout with PE Joe too!

1.Write a sentence and draw a picture for your home learning diary.

2.Challenge: Can you use a potato and other objects in your house to create your own Mr Potato Head? You could use; pens, paper, scissors, pipe cleaners, glue, googly eyes, anything goes! Extension: Can you write a description of your Mr Potato Head e.g. He has googly eyes.

3.Can you use the paint programme to create a picture of your Mr Potato Head? Click the link below to have a go.

4.If you can, print out this sheet and have a go at completing it.

5. Ask a grown up to help you take a photo of your Mr. Potatohead to send us, then we will put it on the website for all your friends to see! Have fun creating!