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'Believe to Achieve'

Week 3


The theme of Science Week this year was 'change.' We carried out an experiment to see what would happen if we put flowers into a mixture of water and food colouring. Eventually, we noticed that the petals on the flowers were beginning to change colour. This showed us that the role of the stem is to carry water to other parts of the plant.


In maths we have been learning about measurement as well as adding and subtracting length. The children enjoyed a practical lesson which involved measuring each others body parts and adding/subtracting them.


This half term we are learning about maps and atlases. The children explored atlases and stuck different cities they could find in the UK on a large map.

Sheriff's Challenge

This week year 3 took part in the Sheriff's challenge. We counted how many laps of the playground (150m) we could achieve as a year group in 5 minutes. We completed 192 laps. Well done year 3!