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Our adventure so far

Week 7


We have had a fantastic week so far enjoying our festive activities. We have enjoyed our Christmas Dinner together with our friends, made saltdough Christmas decorations, designed Christmas card, made our parents a Christmas present, watched and performed our Christmas plays. And we still have so much more to do!
Merry Christmas to all our wonderful children and parents!


Week 6


What a festive week we have had this week! We have been practicing our nativity and decorating our Christmas Tree.

We have also had a break in! We investigated the clues and decided it must have been Santa. We looked at the footprints, snow, beard, presents and boots which he left behind and worked with our partner to find the culprit. We decided to write wanted posters to track him down.

Week 3 and 4


What a busy few weeks it has been in Year One. We have been working so hard with our reading, phonics, writing and maths. We took a practice phonics test and have really impressed our teachers with our scores!


In Topic we have been making a model circus with Mrs Brodie and have thought about all the different acts in the circus. We also made some feely bags with Miss Shabir and Miss Russell. Our feely bags were made up of things that reminded us of a snowy picture. We really enjoys feeling the ice, the straw and the feathers.
In Science we have been learning about herbivores, carivores and omnivores. We looked at different animals sick to investigate whether it was a meat eater or not.


Week 2


This week we have been learning all about how to make a non-fiction booklet about the circus. We have writing our own contents pages, and facts about clowns, ringmasters and other circus acts.


In maths we have been looking at the relationship between subtraction and addition. We know that by using the part, part whole model we can write two addition and two subtraction problems. We have also had a go at writing out own worded problems such as


"I have 12 sweets in a box, 8 went missing.How many sweets do I have left in the box?"



In topic this week we have been learning about the history of bonfire night. We can now retell the story and have fun talking about the bonfire nights we have attended with our families.

We have also been working hard on our ICT skills. In particular we have been practicing using a mouse on a laptop and creating our own shapes and pictures on paint.




Week 1

Welcome to the Circus!


This week we have been getting to know our new topic- The Circus!

In literacy we have been reading our new book 'The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus'. The books has lots of rhyming strings in them which will help us in a few weeks when we look at poetry. We have also been doing lots of research into the circus to help us write a circus booklet.


In maths we have been learning about subtraction. We know that subtraction is also known as minus and take away. We know to start with the whole number and then use the two parts to finish the number sentence.


In topic we have been learning about Diwali and have tasted a traditional Falooda milkshake and made our own lanterns. We know the Diwali is the festival of light.


On Wednesday, Mr Sensible came to school to teach us lots of circus tricks. We learnt how to juggle, ribbon dance, balance, hula hoop and plate spin. We also watched two shows! We had so much fun learning all about the circus and we cant't wait to find out more.