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'Believe to Achieve'

Week 4

Shared Reading

In Shared Reading this week the children were split into two groups. One group had to match the paper plates to find synonyms and antonyms for the words vanish, scorching and arrogant whilst the other group had to complete several activities for the words dwindled, parched and torment. They had to find these words within 'The Firework Maker's Daughter,' define the words using a dictionary and think of a synonym and antonym.

Topic (Romans)

This week in history we learnt about Boudicca's rebellion. The children worked in small groups to consider the story from different perspectives. They considered how the rebellion affected Boudicca, a Roman soldier, Tiber (the Roman Governor) as well as Celtic farmers.
It has been RSE week in school this week. The children have learnt about the differences between males and females, the distinction between good and bad touch and how all families are different. We read 'The Family Book' by Todd Parr and then spoke about the important qualities that should be evident within families.
On Thursday we enjoyed our KS2 Sports Day. The children took part in an egg and spoon race, hurdle race, obstacle race, skipping race, sprint and relay. All of the children had a fun morning and they were very resilient. Well done Year 3!