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 Morning Everyone


Now that we are familiar with quite a few Phonic sounds, we thought we would do a small introduction to CVC words. CVC words are 3 letter words that follow a consonant/vowel/consonant pattern. They use a short vowel sound and we are able to break the word down into each phonic sound that we can hear i.e C A T. Being able to sound out a word and blend it back together will help alot when we begin to learn to read and have our own special reading books in Reception.


Mrs Bettridge and Polly have made you a short video to watch to give you some examples but they need you help to listen out for the sounds that you can hear. We used magnetic letters but if you dont have any of these you could have pieces of paper with each sound on, or you can write them outside in chalk, whatever way is easiest and most fun for you.


Have a go and see if you can find any diffent CVC words to us and write them in you book.


Mrs Bettridge's and Polly's CVC video can be find on the link below:

We have also added a Alphablocks episode for you to watch all about CVC words:


Today's Challenge:

If you have a printer at home you could print the CVC matching game and have ago or if you receive a Home Learning pack you will find the sheet in there.