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Undiscovered Island

Undiscovered Island Project

We have signed up to take part in the Undiscovered Island Project. Each week you will be set activities. Any responses that we get will be sent to Lakeside Arts which will feed into their new installation project.


In each mission, you will take on a different role. For the first mission, you will be codebreakers.


Your Mission 

 We have received a signal and some strange symbols. It keeps repeating on Mr/ Ms …… computer.  It’s just playing it, and we can’t stop it. Please help. Is it a message? Is it some kind of code? This has never happened before! We even restarted the computer. We think someone might be trying to reach us. We desperately need your help! Can anyone out there translate it for us?


We have recorded the sound for you to hear. Play the message by clicking the sound symbol below.


We took a picture of the message on the screen.  What do you think it is? Why are there so many dots, dashes and slashes? You can listen to the message again if you like. What kind of sound are you hearing? Are they all the same length?   I hope you find a clue, I’m getting tired looking at this all day long :-(

I’m wondering if you can maybe... use the internet to find what kind of codes or messages are sent using sounds. Hopefully, you will find something. Keep a sheet of paper and a pencil handy, to write down what you find.

 When you find out what the code says.   Can you write the message in English and send it

to It will make me really happy!  Also, we would really like to know who do you think might have sent it?