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'Believe to Achieve'

Autumn 2

As our focus book this half term is 'Farmer Duck' we have enjoyed looking at lots of different farm animal books.  We will be looking at both fiction and non fiction books.  We enjoyed identifying the different animals in the stories and making the sounds the animals make. We thought about how to hold the book the right way and turning the pages appropriately.  We talked about the difference between words and pictures.

To celebrate Remembrance day the children enjoyed making poppies.  We also celebrated Diwali where the children made Rangoli patterns and diva lamps.

This week we explored how we can make our big drum sound different. We used our finger tips to make a quite sound, we thought about how we could use our hands in a different way to make the sound louder, we decided to use our whole hand which made it really LOUD!. We also thought about the tempo moving our hands and fingers slowly and then really fast.

We took turns to use the drum beaters and told each other what sort of noise we wanted to make. Everyone took turns beautifully being patient and letting each other finish their turns.


We then used different instruments and explored independently how we could apply what we have learned.

The children loved playing in the snow.  They were catching snowflakes in their hands and watching them melt.