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'Believe to Achieve'

Week 4

Y3's new weekly home learning.


Mrs Bragg and Miss Blaxley has decided to change the way we upload home learning to enable you to do your learning when it works best for you!

Each week we will upload a weekly overview of your learning for that week including English, Maths, Science and Curriculum work. This work is the work we would like you to complete that week, however you can choose when you complete it. We will also upload a timetable of learning which you can follow if you choose.


The maths we teach in school is through the White Rose Scheme and daily lessons are now being uploaded by them to help your child stay on track with their learning. Each lesson shows you a video and gives you structured questions to follow. They also provide you with an answers page so you can check your work. This learning can we found here: . We are currently on Week 1.


All resources or worksheets will be uploaded each week. If you do not have a printer, writing the answers on paper will be just as effective.


If you have any questions about home learning or the new structure, please contact your child's class teacher who will be able to support you.


Week 4 Home learning overview

Here is an example of Week 4's Home Learning timetable


Happy Monday Year 3!


Today's positive quote:


Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.



Let's consolidate our understanding of column addition with some word problems. Don't forget Mrs Bragg's video which will support you.



BBC Bitesize have a History lesson available on their website today and it is all about prehistoric Britain!


There is a video and two activities to complete on the website


1) Create a poster about prehistoric Britain.


2) Investigate the pictures on the website to undercover evidence about prehistoric Britain.


See how much you can remember from when we looked at the stone age and iron age!