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Good morning.  In today's phonics we are looking at musical instruments.


We are going to explore the musical instruments and the sound it makes.  We will then be comparing 2 musical instruments to see which is the loudest musical instrument and which is the softest musical instrument.  Look at Miss Brierley's video below.



In maths today we are going to be looking at the number 7.


We will be practising our counting first to 5 using 1 hand and then counting to 10 using 2 hands.  We will then look at the number 7 and counting out 7 objects.  We put the objects in a line so it is easier to count.  We will then use out pointing finger to 1-1 count to make sure we have 7 objects.  Look at Miss Brierley's video below.



Today Miss Brierley is reading 'Monstersaurus' by Claire Freedman.  She is the same person who wrote 'Aliens love Underpants' another story which we read. 


Monstersaurus is all about a little boy called Monty who loves inventing things.  Listen to the story below to see what happens.