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'Believe to Achieve'


English Vision Statement

At Southglade, we want to create children who are enthusiastic, lively writers with a life-long love for reading. Through our book-based Curriculum, children will experience an abundance of quality, engaging texts that stimulate them to read and write.

We aim for children to leave Southglade with English skills they need to succeed beyond the classroom and to continue to build on their love for learning.

2023- 2024

Our Southglade Library

We are very pleased to share photos of our updated library at Southglade!

It is a beautiful area that children enjoy spending time reading and exploring a range of books. We have a wide range of books that are diverse, inspiring, creative and that capture their imagination. We use our school library for class sessions, groups sessions and enjoy using it for DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) sessions. We have fantastic Year 6 librarians who ensure the library is well-maintained and cared for. 

We love to see the children at Southglade enjoying our school library and reading the books that it offers them in a beautiful, inspiring and calm environment! 

Happy Reading at Southglade Library! 


We had a FANTASTIC World Book Day! All classes celebrated by taking part in activities linked to books, authors and reading. We had an amazing assembly where the children were able to showcase their outfits and love for reading.

“Reading is the gateway for children that makes all other learning possible!”

Barack Obama

2022 - 2023

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful library space at Southglade where children can enjoy a vast range of books in a comfortable, inviting setting. 

Previous Years

Mrs Adams' Reading Groups 

Some children have been lucky enough this half term to work with Mrs Adams. One group read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then made their very own yummy chocolates. The other group were looking at Hansel and Gretel and followed a trail which led to a surprise! 

Our Librarians

Our wonderful librarians do a fantastic job reading with some of the younger children across school. 

What do our staff enjoy reading?
Here are just three examples of our staff "Reading Rivers". You can find out what each member of staff enjoys reading by looking around our school. They might enjoy the same books as you! Chat to your teachers/teaching assistants about their rivers. 

Spring Reading Celebration - Den Making


For our Spring reading celebration, we invited both children and parents to join us for an extra special Drop Everything and Read (DEAR). Children were asked to bring in any materials they could find to make dens. They then shared books with their friends, teachers and family. As you can see, there were some fantastic ideas!

Librarians' Reading Rivers

Mystery Writing in Year 6

Our Wonderful Librarians

Visit to Cherry Trees Resource Centre

Some of our lovely year six children went to read with the residents of Cherry Trees Resource Centre last week. 

The Official Library Opening 

Today was the official opening of our wonderful school library. I would like to thank Councillor Mellen, our local councillors and our fantastic pupils for making it such a special occasion. 



Our wonderful new library!


Because of all of your amazing support and fundraising last year, we have been able to create the most wonderful space for our library which we intend to put to great use this year. 

Reading Rockets Policy 2019-20


We will be continuing with our Reading Rockets initiative this year to promote a love for reading. We expect children at Southglade to read three times each week as part of their weekly homework. Please have a read through the policy below for more information. 

Platinum Reading Rocket Winners

A HUGE, HUGE well done to these children who got to enjoy a film, book and pyjama afternoon after reading three times every week. This is such an incredible achievement and we hope this will continue next year.

Writing Heroes

A huge congratulations to our Summer 1 Writing Heroes. Have a look at their fantastic work below. You will also see Caiden using his "Golden Ticket" for a technology treat.

Our Library Design

I am thrilled to attach below the design for our library. I am sure you will agree that this is a wonderful design perfectly suited to our children. Thank you so much to everyone for the money we have, and continue to, raise towards this fantastic opportunity.

Cross Curricular Writing

Here's some of our wonderful cross-curricular writing.


Can you help us raise money for our new library?

As you may already know, our school library is currently undergoing vigorous refurbishment and is, at present, closed to all pupils. At Southglade we recognise that an appealing space with access to good quality books is imperative for our children to engage in reading. For this reason, we have decided to have our brand new library planned and designed by specialists who share our vision of an exciting and enriching area for our pupils, where they can delve in to, and take home, rich, quality texts. It also aims to create an area where children can both work in small groups and relax in a space, which is de-cluttered, colourful and inviting.


At Southglade, all that we do is for our pupils and we want to give them the best possible chance to love books and engage in reading so this seems like the perfect opportunity to get out children excited and interested in this fantastic project. However, with such high hopes for our library space, unfortunately there comes a high cost. In the past we have been overwhelmed by the support you have given the school to raise money and we hope that you will agree that this is a great cause to get involved in! As a school, we are kindly asking for your assistance and support with this important opportunity to provide Southglade students with enhanced educational opportunities through a fundraising day for our library, which will be held on Friday 17th May 2019.


On this day, there will be a range of sponsored activities taking place (more information to follow) which will be planned and delivered by our pupils in their phases. For example, upper KS2 may decide to have a sponsored skip, read-a-thon or sponsored silence on the day.


An important message from our Literacy Pupil Focus Group

Please help us! At the moment our library is in complete devastation, it’s so messy we don’t even want to venture up there anymore. It’s such a shame because the space could be eye-popping, exciting and cozy, we just need your help to raise enough money to make it this way. At the moment we have an incredible design for the new space, which we were so excited to see – it looks incredible! But unfortunately, this makes it quite expensive and school just hasn’t got enough funds. This is why we have decided to arrange a sponsored fundraiser where each phase will think of some super-fun activities to try out. This might be: read for an hour straight, a sponsored skip or even a sponsored silence. Anything you give us will help, even the smallest amount so please help us to get the library we deserve. We will be so grateful for your help.

So, please will you help us?

Southglade’s Literacy Pupil Focus Group

















Of course, the more donations collected, the better chance we have of reaching our overall fundraising goal of £2000 to fund this exciting project. Special prizes have been set aside for the highest donating pupils and overall classes so this is a great chance to get all family and friends involved in trying to raise as much as you possibly can!


Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

SSIF Project: Reading


Over the last 18 months, as Literacy Coordinator, I have been working on a whole school development project based around reading. This has allowed me to delve into the subject of reading and develop my own professional development in order to improve reading across school. On Wednesday 6th March 2019, I presented my project at the course's conference and thus completed my project. Below is the case study I created.

My next steps are to work with other schools in Nottingham City to create and engaging library space for our children and to continue to raise the profile of reading at Southglade.

World Book Day 2019


What a fantastic celebration of books! We love World Book Day at Southglade and thoroughly enjoyed sharing our favourite books.

Awe and Wonder Week in Year 6

Awe and Wonder Week in Year 5

Awe and Wonder Week in Year 4

Awe and Wonder Week in Year 3

Awe and Wonder Week in Year 2

Awe and Wonder Week Year 1

Our Library


At present, our school library is undergoing refurbishment and is closed to all pupils. At Southglade we recognise that an appealing space with access to good quality books is imperative for our children to engage in reading. For this reason, the library will continue to be closed for the next few weeks while we order a heap of new and inspiring books and, hopefully, create an area where children love to read.

Thank you for your patience.  

Spring 1 Writing Heroes


A huge congratulations to this half term's Writing Heroes. What an incredible selection of writing!

Autumn 2 Writing Heroes


A huge well done to this half term's writing heroes! You've produced some work to be extremely proud of!




KS2 GD Pupil Focus Group


I met with my greater depth KS2 writers this morning to discuss the writing they have done so far this year. Here is a piece they have each chosen, which they are especially proud of. I can see why!

Mrs Smith's Super KS1 Writers


My greater depth pupil focus group in KS1 have been very busy filling out their applications to be one of Santa's elves!



Writing Heroes Assembly!


This half term we have launched our new Writing Heroes assembly. Each half term, a child is chosen from each class who has made an outstanding contribution to Literacy. This may be a particular piece of writing or a general improvement in their work. They then receive a Superhero notebook and pen with a vertificate and a go on the lucky dip! This week, two children won 'tea and biscuits with Miss Richardson and Mrs Carter'!


A big well done to all these children! You really are writing heroes!