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Pie Charts


To be able to interpret data on a simple pie chart


A pie chart is a special chart that uses 'pie slices' to show comparative sizes of data. It is easy to see which items are most popular and which items are least popular. 




Watch the White Rose video that works through interpreting pie charts and understanding the information they provide.



To work out the value of each 'pie slice' you need to know the total number of objects and then be able to determine how much of the pie each section or slice takes up.


20 students in total were asked about their favourite doughnut filling. You can see that half of the students liked the blue slice of the pie (blueberry jam). Half of 20 or 20 divided by 2 = 10. Therefore, 10 children liked blueberry jam. The yellow and red section of the pie makes up a quarter of the pie chart. One quarter of 20 or 20 divided by 4 is 5. To check that your answers are correct, add up each value to make sure that they equal the total.


10 blueberry + 5 strawberry + 5 custard = 20