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'Believe to Achieve'


Morning Penguins and Polar Bears! If you need some exercise try PE with Joe, the body coach. He is uploading a new workout every week day! This is his you tube channel.


Below you will find todays home learning activities. Have fun!

1.Write a sentence and draw a picture for your home learning diary. 

2.Challenge: Can you find out and write 3 space facts? Extension: Draw and label a picture to go with your space facts. 

3.Have a look at the NASA kids club website. There are loads of fun, educational activities for you to do on there. You can even check out the live view from the Hubble space telescope!

4.If you can, print this out and have a go at reading the space words and colouring in the pictures. The second link is a space rocket to label by cutting and sticking or just write on the words.