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Good morning Everyone


Today we are going to have ago at designing  our own finger puppets. You can decide what sort of puppet you want to make, it could be your family using photos or you can draw your family members and use them to sing the Daddy fingers song.

You could also choose to make or draw characters from your favourite story and them use them to act it out for your family. 

This activity is a great way to talk to your child  about their family and they ways in which you are all different. It also  Encourages  speaking and role play skills using  finger  puppets as well as being a  great way to encourage their creative skills.


Link to the Daddy finger song:

Today's Challenge:

Can you use your puppets to make up your own song or story?

If you have a printer at home you can print off the Finger puppet template . Which you cut out and make easily. Cut  out the shapes and glue the ends together to make your finger puppets. The template can be found in your Home Learning pack if you dont have a printer