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Earth Day 22.4.20

This year marks the 50th Anniversary for the celebrations of Earth Day.

This is a day where we specifically focus on ways we could look after planet Earth and what we can do to help.

This could be anything from thinking how to stop plastic pollution, how we can recycle better, how to decrease our electricity use and how to support the environment. 


This year the theme is Climate Change


Below are a range of different activities you could take part on during the day.


Could you have a go at not using any electricity for one hour? 

Could you make sure you are reycling everything in your house?

Could you design a poster for your local area to remind people to recycle and decrease their electricity use?

Could you make something using recycled materials only? 

Could you research climate change and write or draw all about it?

Could you create art work using recycled or natural materials?


Don't forget to email in photographs of any activites or work you complete on the day and also check out the ECO page on the website for more information.  



Miss Smith used recycled materials to create her own mini junkyard adventure golf course!

Different recycling materials were cut out and added together to make a range of different obstacles and challenges. The ball and club were a straw and a Malteser which you had to blow around the course in order to complete.

You might want to make a larger course around your home or in the garden but remember it must be using only recycled materials which you can then dispose of (recycle) afterwards. 

Range of possible Earth Day craft activities