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Morning Everyone,


Over the past few weeks we have been looking at lots of new phonics. This week we thought that we would have a look back at some of the early phonics which were

'S,A,T,P I N '


Our video below is Mrs Bettridge and Polly playing the Mrs Bettridge has a bag game, which you can play at home too. Have a look around your home and garden and find objects beginning with the letters above, once you have some put them in a bag and ask one or all of your family to play the game with you. Sing the song changing Mrs Bettridge to your name and take turns to pull things out, talk about your object and have a think which sound it begins with. Place all of your objects into seperate piles for each sound.


Remember to add your actions and think about what shape your mouth makes for each sound.


Follow the link to Mrs Bettridge's video:








Todays Challenge:

If you have a printer at home you could print the SATPIN  I spy sheet and have a go at finding the object. If you have a Home Learning pack you can find this sheet in there.