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'Believe to Achieve'




Have a go at today's spelling challenge on Purple Mash! You should find this challenge in your 2do's.




Today we start out new text type- information texts! Over the next few weeks we are going to be learning all about non-fictions texts, researching our own topic and writing a non-fiction information booklet for others to read.


Watch Mrs Bragg's video below where she explains todays learning and sets you a special task:







This week in maths we are starting to look at division. 

Watch the video of Miss Storer explaining how to share out and what to do when a number cannot be shared equally:


Then have a go at the worksheet and challenge.



Have a go at today's handwriting practice.



Curriculum driver- DT

Last week we began looking at a range of mechanisms which help toys and object move. We learnt about levers, gears and pulleys.


We thought about which mechanism would be best to make the drawbridge in our castle move. and decided that a pulley would be best!


Have a go at our two pulley investigations below: