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'Believe to Achieve'

Week 2



This week we started to draft our letter from Lila to Lalchand. We thought about why Lila decided to run away and what had happened on her journey so far.



This week in Maths we have looked at how to find equivalent fractions using a fraction wall, how to find fractions of an amount and we even compared fractions!



We sorted cards into light sources and non-light sources. We also learned about sun safety and this helped us to design our own sunglasses and hat which protects you from the sun.


In our topic lesson this week, we created a model of the Earth to show it's different layers. Did you know the hottest layer is the inner core?


Shared Reading

As we have started a new book (The Firework Maker's Daughter) we recapped what we had read during Awe and Wonder Week. We also looked at synonyms and antonyms for the words 'complicated' and 'steady'. We can tell you one if you like!


This week we looked at Noah's Ark. We acted out being the animals walking onto the ark and then we read the story. We spoke about how Noah obeyed God too.