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This week we will be focusing on different areas on addition. If you want to challenge yourself, you may choose to alter the numbers to bigger/harder numbers, if you are struggling you could try the same activity with smaller/easier numbers. 


Write these sums out into your home learning books and try to solve them. You can then use a calculator to check your answers. 


Task 1: Column Addition with layout support


Task 2: Column addition without layout support


Task 3: Adding multiples of 1000

Remember to look at the thousands, hundreds, tens and ones column to decide which number is likely to change when you add a multiple of 1000.


Task 4: Addition word problems/ reasoning

Reasoning is an important part of Maths, this is where you can apply the fluency skills you have learnt to real life problems. Part of the reasoning skills involve explaining how you worked it out and know that your answer is correct, giving reasons.