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'Believe to Achieve'



Today we are looking at the final sound in the 'ee' family. We are going to look at 'long e' and explore these sounds in words. Watch the video below and complete the activities and challenges.


Today in English we are going to explore Paddington's suitcase. What do you think is inside Paddington's suitcase? Can you spot the different items? Can you label these items? Watch the video then complete the worksheets in your pack.

What can you see in Paddington's suitcase?

Sentence starter examples


Still image for this video
Recap of the 'th' join


Today's maths begins with counting and number sense. Follow the link.


The main part of today's lesson involves learning to read the scale on a ruler accurately. Have a go at the sheet questions below that you also received in your packs for this week.


Hopefully you managed to join in with some Fitter Future with Mr Land last week.  Hit the link below to join Mr Land for a different Fitter Future workout this week.


You can also try some PE with Joe and Cosmic Yoga by following the links below.







Listen to the story of 'Giraffes can't Dance' by Giles Andreae.  Pause at the moment when Gerald feels sad because he can't dance.  Write down some messages of resilience to encourage Gerald not to give up. 

When you've done this enjoy listening to the rest of the story.



Today we would like you to click on the link below and choose a story from a teacher you haven't listened too before. You might want to listen to lots of stories, it is entirely up to you.