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The Ice Palace

Week 6- Multiplication and Division


This week we finished drafting our poems and wrote them up into our writing portfolios! We based our poems on The Ice Palace and included verses about; the bear, the wolf, Starjik, the dancing children, the Ice Palace and snowflakes. We used our knowledge of alliteration, metaphors and personification to make our poems come to life!

Week 5 - Poetry


In Literacy, we have been looking at poems. We have identified the features of poems including; alliteration, similes, repetition and have started to plan our own poems based on ideas from The Ice Palace. 

Week 4- Persuasive Letter

This week we finished our persuasive letters to Ivan and wrote them up into our writing portfolios. We then read the rest of the book and created freeze frames to show how Ivan felt when he entered the ice palace. The children then wrote book reviews to show their favourite part of the book, their favourite character and whether they would recommend the book to a friend.

Week 3 - Persuasive letter

This week in literacy we have been writing a persuasive letter. Ivan has started a dangerous mission to rescue his missing brother. Although Ivan has been resilient this far he has now ran out of food. The children have been writing to persuade Ivan to either carry on his journey to save his brother or to turn back home.

Week 1 - Descriptive writing

So far in Literacy, we have been looked at description for snowy settings. We have read some of The Ice Palace and have looked at the challenges Ivan has faced on his journey to Starjik's ice palace. Below are some of our freezeframes of these challenges.