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'Believe to Achieve'

Spring 1

This half term we will be focusing on our new text- Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll. This story follows a girl called Lilian who is on a journey to discover where a mysterious parcel, addressed to her grandfather, has come from.


Our focus text links with our curriculum driver which is History, and we are looking at ancient Egypt. We will be exploring pharaohs, the pyramids, daily life and how this compares to modern day and the importance of the river Nile. We will also be looking to answer the question 'I wonder why ancient Egypt lasted for three thousand years'. 


In maths, we will be continuing to develop our work on multiplication and division. We will be moving towards using the formal written method for multiplication. After this, we move onto developing our understanding of area. For the final two weeks of term, we will be focusing on fractions. 


In science, we will be exploring states of matter. We will start by recapping solids and liquids, before moving on to how materials can change state. We will take part in many investigations to support our scientfiic understanding and develop our scientific vocabulary and skills. 


Finally, our learning value for this half term is resilience, determination and responsibility, and we will be focusing on three inspirational figures, Helen Keller, Mo Farah and Steve Cooper.