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Welcome to Reception!

We have two Foundation 2 classes, called Penguins Class and Polar Bears Class. We all play happily together, either inside or outside.

Mrs. Barron, Mrs. Bilan and Miss. Penwarden are based in Polar Bears, and Miss. Gresko and Miss. Fryer are in Penguins.

Our Curriculum

In our Foundation Stage we do not follow pre planned topics. Instead we encourage the children to lead their own learning by pursuing their own interests and curiosities. The well trained adults support the children in their learning by carefully observing and then providing additional resources, ideas, questions and challenges when needed. This allows happy children to achieve their full potential. We have a focus book each half term which the children learn by heart, usually with actions too! This helps to support their learning, especially in Speaking and Listening, Reading, and Writing.

Please click the links below to see our Newsletter,  Learning Objectives and Focus Books for each term.