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Lesson 2: Internal Monologue.

Listen to chapter 3 - How did Lillian feel at the end of the chapter?

Follow the link for Chapter 3:


"The daft girl had taken the wrong bag. With the jar still inside. By the time I'd raced outside, the Mendoza's had well and truly gone. I couldn't believe I'd been so careless. There was nothing I could do about it though, apart from not tell Grandad I'd lost it."


We are going to write an internal monologue for Lillian. An internal monologue is Lillian's inner voice - what is she thinking in her head at this point of the story?


Watch the example monologues and write your own internal monologue as Lillian... you could even record yourself performing it!


Tangled~Mood Swings

after leaving her tower; happily] I can't believe I did this! [Nervously] I can't believe I did this. [excitedly squealing] I can't believe I did this! [ner...

RATATOUILLE - Remy experiencing food as colour, shape and sou