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Good morning Penguins and Polar Bears! Today we are doing some maths work.

Remember to do some daily exercise too!


1.Do your daily phonics! From 10am this morning Reception Lesson 18 will be available, or go on straight away if you need to do an earlier lesson.


2.Challenge: Today we are going to have a go at doubling numbers. Think of a number and draw that many dots. For example, if you think of the number 2, draw 2 dots. To double the number you have the draw the same number of dots again and then count how many dots there are all together. For example, if you think of the number 2, draw 2 dots, then draw 2 more to double the number. Now count all of the dots to find out what you get when you double 2 (the answer is 4!).   Extension: What did you notice when you doubled the numbers? Can you write a number sentence or draw a picture that represents your thinking? 


3.Click the link to double the apples and hit the correct number on the archery target.


4.If you can, print out this sheet and have a go at completing it.

5. Send us some photos of all your amazing Home Learning!