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'Believe to Achieve'



We are going to start focusing on our brand new class text 'How to Train Your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell. For this week's activity, read the blurb of the book. Looking at the pictures of the characters,  as well as using the blurb, predict what this story will be about.

 Try to write a minimum of three detailed sentences. There are no right or wrong answers, just remember to explain your ideas.

Use the sentence starters below to help you.

From looking at the pictures of the characters, I can predict that...

I can predict that the book is going to be about...
Based on the evidence, I can assume that...





Read 'A note from Hiccup.' Can you make your own dictionary for the words that you are unsure of? Use a dictionary or online dictionary to find the meaning of the words and write their definition.





Pronouns and possessive pronouns

Complete the following activities:

-What is a pronoun?

-What is a possessive pronoun?

-List as many possessive pronouns that you can think of

-Write a sentence including a possessive pronoun


Sort the following words into the correct circles.



Write a character description for Hiccup. You may need to read 'A note from Hiccup' again to prompt your memory.

Write a short paragraph using the questions below to help structure your answer.


What is Hiccup wearing?

Why is he dressed this way?

What is his hair like?

Does Hiccup's facial expression tell us anything about him?

What is Hiccup's personality like?

What have we learnt about Hiccup from this first page?



Find a word activity

Using the letters below can you find: A verb? An adjective? An adverb? A common noun?