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Nottingham Music Hub Teachers

Meet the Music Hub Team at Southglade

Luke Atkinson


Hello, I’m Luke Atkinson and I’m a music teacher with Nottingham Music Service.  I’m looking forward to teaching in your school this year!  My main instrument is the tuba, and I will be teaching you trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba and euphonium.


I’ll also be supporting you at Area Band, and I’m always excited to see the way the children progress from first entering area band to then seeing them perform in the concerts throughout the year and how much they have improved due to Area Band.  I’ll be supporting other NMS ensembles too, and I am especially excited to see the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra perform on tour in Liverpool at the end of the year!  I am also looking forward to seeing the Intermediate Orchestra improve week in week out on a Saturday morning.


There are lots of exciting NMS events to look forward to this year.  Last year I loved the Great Orchestra Experiment, but I am looking forward to all of them as they give children such a great opportunity to perform what they have learnt in school.


The advice I would give to a young person learning an instrument with NMS would be, “Enjoy the opportunities that Nottingham Music Service give you as it is a great way to improve lots of different skills. Also have fun! Playing an instrument is a brilliant thing to be able to do.”

Eloise Oates-Lidar


Hello, my name is Eloise Oates-Lidar, but children usually call me Eloise or Miss!  I am a music teacher with Nottingham Music Service, and this year I am looking forward to working in your school!


The main instruments I play are trumpet and guitar, and this year I’ll be teaching trumpet, baritone and trombone, with some guitar too at Area Band.


What I’m looking forward to most about Area Band this year is seeing children progress through the pieces we’ll learn together and take pride in performing them in concerts in front of parents. This year

I am also looking forward to the opportunity to expand the RHYO Connect Ensemble and support fast progression of our members.


The Nottingham Music Service events I am most looking forward to this year are Music Camp and the Great Orchestra Experiment.  Music Camp is great because I get to meet some pupils that I will be teaching this year for the first time, and also see pupils from last year really enjoy the experience. It is amazing to see how far you all progress in just two days!  GOE is an awesome event that always wows audiences and performers.


The advice I would give to anyone learning an instrument with NMS would be, “Never give up on music, there is so much joy to be had from it. Explore, create and get excited!”

Luke Pallister


Hello, I’m Luke Pallister, andI’m a music teacher with Nottingham Music Service.  I’m looking forward to teaching in your school this year!  I began playing the cornet at the age of 7 and I studied at Birmingham Conservatoire under Richard Marshall.  I then transferred to the Royal Northern College of Music to continue my studies and pursue a passion for conducting!  I’ve played for a number of the very best brass bands in the country in the biggest competitions. 


I’m really looking forward to teaching you brass this year: my favourite thing about teaching music is seeing the improvement in your musical talents!  As well as supporting you at Area Band and other ensembles run by NMS, I hope I’ll see lots of you at NMS events like Christmas in the City and the Great Orchestra Experiment too.