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'Believe to Achieve'



This week your spellings are contractions. Here are your words to learn to spell. Watch the video and write as many contractions down as you can.


Half  Money  Mr  Mrs  Aren’t  Can’t  Couldn’t  She’s  He’s  I’ll  I’ve  What’s  Doesn’t



Maths Chilli Challenge- Can you complete them all?

Art - Lesson 1

Research our artist Tang Yao Hoong. We will be looking at him over the next 6 weeks and creating art in his style. Look below at some of his art. He creates pictures with negative and positive space. The negative space is the background and the positive space is the main image. Today can you create a fact file about him.

PSHE Resilience - What is it?

Write a definition- what is resilience? Draw a picture of yourself being resilient. Can you think of any other people who show resilience? 


Watch the opening to The Iron man, the link is below. Think about what questions you would ask the Iron Man if you could speak to him. For example you might ask him "How did you get to the beach?" or "Where did you come from?". 

As a challenge you could use your imagination and answer your if you were the Iron Man. 


Below is a copy of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, which is our class text this term. Read the first paragraph and answer the question 


How do you think the Iron men felt as he stood on the cliff?


If you are in Miss Moss' spelling group then there is a different version of the text for you to read.