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Hawkboy is a new superhero who is closely related to other heroes that have the gift of flight.

Hawkboy looks like many flying heroes at first glance. Most of the time he looks just like any other schoolboy. However, when he turns into his super form, Hawkboy appears to be instantly covered in brown and golden feathers, rather like a giant bird. He has a sharp beak that is very powerful. His feet are more like an eagle’s talons and possess a fearsome grip.

Hawkboy has a number of amazing gifts. First he is able to fly at a speed faster than sound. He can fly above the clouds and travel vast distances at great speed. This means that he is able to reach anyone in danger very rapidly. Furthermore, he can hover whilst looking across a vast area, scanning for problems. Also, his hearing is supersonic which means that he can pick up cries for help and distress signals with ease. Finally, he has the ability to talk with birds. This means that he can pick up information from other countries by talking with migrant species.

There are not many things that Hawkboy has to fear. However, if his wings become clipped, he finds it difficult to fly in a straight line. He then has to wait till his feathers have re-grown. The only other thing that Hawkboy has to beware of is being caged. Like most animals, he hates zoos and birds being caged. It must be remembered that Hawkboy is a free spirit and as such is used to flying in the skies. To be trapped would be unbearable.

A little known fact about Hawkboy is that he has a sister known as Dovegirl. Dovegirl is generally found helping those in distress as she has the amazing ability to heal. However, she is also a fearsome enemy and will fight to the death with razor sharp talons. Hawkboy is often seen in her company.

The most amazing thing about Hawkboy is that most of the time he is an ordinary schoolboy. None of his friends know about his life as a superhero. In fact, you could be sitting right next to him or his sister at this very moment!