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Today’s Learning. 

Click the link below to watch Mrs Barron reading Handa’s Surprise and showing you how to make an animal mask.

Now complete this follow up activity-  Take the animal mask templates from your pack or print out. Decide which animal you would like to be, and make your mask! Can you surprise somebody while wearing your mask? 



Click the link below to see today’s phonics lesson taught by Mrs Barron.



Now Complete this follow up activity- Practise writing the sh ch and th sounds in your best handwriting. 


Click the link below to see today’s Maths Lesson taught by Mrs Barron.



Now complete this follow up activity- Find the block patterns worksheet in your pack or print it out below. 

OR use colours to make your own repeating patterns. 

Take a break :Play with your toys or out in the garden for a while.  

Additional Ideas  

Take part in Joe Wick’s online PE lesson- some of your teachers will be joining in too!


Click the link to go to the letter formation website and picking the letters that you wish to practise.


Follow this link to watch how to make a fun elephont mask!  


Story time : Click this link to hear Miss. Parr reading a story!