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In our spelling lesson today, we are going to be looking at a rule we practiced last week- dropping the y, adding i then adding ing.


We have previously seen this rule when we looked at adding the suffix -est.

Have a go at filling in the table below following the example in red.

Can you find two more words which end in y? Can you add it to the table?

Can you choose 2 words from the table and write it in a sentence using a conjunction (and, but, because, so, if, when, then)




Today we are going to write up our final report for our non-fiction book. So far we have looked at castle features and knights. Today we are going to be writing our non-chronological report on Castle events.


Watch Mrs Bragg's video: 3.1.21 English | Southglade Primary School (


You can use the examples below to help you write up each section of your report.


Choose a key word from the examples above. Can you challenge yourself to use one of those words in your writing?


In maths today, we need to complete the two end of unit tests for Multiplication and Division, and then complete the beginning of unit test for our next topic which will be shape.

There is a different video to help you with each one so please watch them carefully and complete the tests at the same time. You will need to pause the videos to give yourself time to answer the questions. 


Multiplication video:


Division video:


Shape video:


We have not done any learning at all on shape yet and so like Miss Storer says in the video, please do not worry if you don't know the answers, just give it a go. We use these beginning of unit tests to tell us what we need to practice in the coming lessons. 

It is important that we see the results of these tests and they are completed by the children independently, so please remember to send them to us :) 


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Have a go at today’s handwriting

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In today's vocabulary lesson we are looking at the word relation. Before we look at the text, what do you think relation means? Can you have a go at writing a definition for the word relation?


After you have written your definition, re-read Rosie Revere here- Rosie Revere, Engineer (Read Aloud) by Andrea Beaty | Storytime Science-Technology - YouTube


Has your definition changed?


So what is a relation?

A relation is someone you are connected to by blood or marriage (someone in your family).


Your job today is to have a go at completing a family tree. You can use the powerpoint below which will tell you more about what a family tree is. After, have a go at either using the template below or drawing your own family tree. How far back can you go?


For our comprehension reading lesson, we are going to be answering the question


When Rosie is planning her next try at an airplane, why do you think there are words and information (on the page) about women throughout history who have been involved in aviation efforts?


Use the sentence starter and bonus word to help you write an answer to the question. If you are finding it a bit tricky, have a look at the help sheet below.