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Science Week

Lesson 1: We worked with groups of children from 2S and 6S to conduct a scientific investigation to test waterproof materials. We enjoyed working with children in different year groups.


Lesson 2. We have also planned our own investigation about tooth decay. We had to be scientists and make sure that we had planned a fair test. We have placed boiled eggs in a range of different liquids to see the damage these cause to the eggs, as this is similar to tooth enamel. Some of the liquids that we have tested are coca-cola, diet coke, sugary water, water, orange squash, apple juice and toothpaste mixed with water.

Lesson 3: We linked a science investigation with our food tasting in DT. We learnt that everybody likes and dislikes different foods due to the number of taste receptors that they have on their tongue. We covered our tongue with blue food dye and then placed a piece of card on our tongue with a small hole cut out. We counted how many taste receptors were enlarged to find out which of us were non-tasters, tasters and super tasters.